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    Knit Surfaces Issue

    Zachary Fishbein

      I am trying to knit all the surfaces but the front detached fender lip, but I keep getting errors and I don't know why. I am trying to create a fillet along the length of the line that goes through the middle of the door and the front and rear fenders. I selected the appropriate surfaces and it went through fine, but after I tried to fillet the line there was an error because Solidworks still thought it was laminar, and after clicking the recent knit in the propertymanager I saw that only two, non-adjacent surfaces were highlighted even though the feature still has all the surfaces I originally selected. I consequentially deleted that knit and cannot figure out what could be wrong. Any ideas/suggestions?


      Attached is the part file of my model.

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          Jamil Snead

          The edge of Middle Door doesn't match up with the edge of the upper surface.


          This stems from the fact that the end of Curve10 doesn't pierce Curve6.


          Ideally you could fix the curves so that Curve10 intersects Curve6, but that may be difficult. Something else that happens to fix the problem is if in the MIddle Door loft you switch the profiles and the guide curves. So if you use Curve13 and the edge as your profiles and use Curve10 and Curve12 as the guide curves, then the edges will match up. You'll need to fix some of your curves and selections after that.


          Another note is that in your Rear Fender Knit, for some reason the first two selections are faces instead of Surface Bodies, and that resulted in those two bodies not being absorbed by the feature and then you had duplicate surfaces. You should clear those face selections and add the bodies instead.


          Once you do all that, you'll be able to knit everything fine at the end and add the fillet along the edge you mentioned.