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Knit Surfaces Issue

Question asked by Zachary Fishbein on Aug 23, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2020 by David Hoskin

I am trying to knit all the surfaces but the front detached fender lip, but I keep getting errors and I don't know why. I am trying to create a fillet along the length of the line that goes through the middle of the door and the front and rear fenders. I selected the appropriate surfaces and it went through fine, but after I tried to fillet the line there was an error because Solidworks still thought it was laminar, and after clicking the recent knit in the propertymanager I saw that only two, non-adjacent surfaces were highlighted even though the feature still has all the surfaces I originally selected. I consequentially deleted that knit and cannot figure out what could be wrong. Any ideas/suggestions?


Attached is the part file of my model.