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Convert PDF Task does not use "As Built"

Question asked by Todd Barr on Aug 25, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2014 by Todd Barr

We have recently discovered that the Convert to PDF Task will only use the "As Built" Version if the Drawing is NOT opened in SolidWorks. We have this Task executed in 2 separate Transitions and we were having our users execute Change State in thru the SolidWorks UI. The problem is that the PDF may not represent the "As Built" thus allowing us to inadvertently release an incorrect representation of the PDF to manufacturing. My question is, how are other companies dealing with this issue? The only resolution I can figure is to have the users close the Drawing in SolidWorks and execute Change State thru the Windows Explorer UI where the Task will load the "As Built" locally and create the correct PDF. However this causes more pain for the users, something else they have to remember to do.


Our VAR has created SR 1-6280932981 for this.


Any input is greatly appreciated.