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Gear Design

Question asked by Andi H on Aug 23, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2014 by Andi H

I always have problems with gears should hire some engineer to teach for few hours to design gears. Ok guys I would appreciate it if someone could show me how can I calculate the following gears. The Design is not conceptual as I need the gears to mesh correctly but the gear box is flexible. I need to design 3 Gears. A, B, C. and gearbox as well


Gear A Diameter (addendum circle) 62.5 mm (flexible) 48 teeth


Gear B Diameter (addendum Circle) 40 mm (flexible dimension) 30 teeth


Gear C Diameter (Unknown) 20 teeth


I need center to center distance to come close to these dimensions can shift by few or more mm no problem


Gear A to gear B around 50 mm (flexible)


Gear B to gear C 31 mm flexible at 107 degree angle. flexible.


So now I need these gears to correctly mesh based on the above information. I need to see the calculations meaning how this was calculated Im trying to understand how its done.