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Instability during Rebuild?

Question asked by Angela Bamblett on Aug 22, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2014 by Mark Biasotti

Hi, all,


I love picking the brains of the more experienced SW users in here. I think and hope this is a pretty interesting situation. But I have what is barely a question and more like a poll of longer-time users.


I've been using SW (2012) regularly for about 6 months, now, having come from the last 7 years using ProE. I'm not here to get into the debate about which is better, but if there is one thing that continually stymies and confuses me about Solidworks it's... consistency. Repeatability. I have some models that I would consider to be moderately complex. Not software ball-busters, but also not "two extrudes and a chamfer". They include solids, surfacing to manipulate solids, and some inserted parts for reference.


Both are showing me signs of absolutely perplexing instability. As in, I can load the model for the first time after starting up my computer, and it shows my arced swept cable as looping around a full circle. Except it only shows that because there is no true geometry to select and redefining the sweep without any changes fixes it.


... then, with the sweep redefined and the part rebuilt, it suddenly shows another string of features as red and orange - broken in various ways. Unrelated features to the sweep in question. Hit Ctrl-Q to force a rebuild, and they're still broken. Do it again, just for giggles, and they're fixed. Save, close, reopen, and the sweep is randomly broken-not-broken again. Fix it, and this time the other features stay fat and happy.


It's becoming a circular process just to open and use my files. I have external stock references (which you all helped with in the past) in parts that have a ~30% chance of loading in broken for no reason. Fixing them is easy, but necessary repeatedly, despite the fact that nothing has changed in either the part or the stock reference master. Despite saves of perfectly working part files.


I feel like SW has a dice roll involved in its calculations. Why am I seeing inconsistent and unstable results from asking the program to do exactly the same thing it just did? Have the veteran SW users among us seen a lot of this? If so, what do you use to mitigate SW's quirks? It's having a huge impact on my productivity.


FYI, I run with "Verification on rebuild" turned off.