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inconsistent BOM behavior

Question asked by N. Ritchey on Aug 22, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2014 by N. Ritchey

hey diddly-doodly, i have a BOM question.


i'm putting together some BOMs for the usual reason that people use BOMs. i have multiple assemblies, some of which comprise of subassemblies.


now, i have one subassembly (we'll call it CONTACTOR), where when i create the BOM it does not list the subassembly parts. i change the setting from "top level" to "indented", and then the subassembly parts are also listed. i can choose to have them indented, and i can choose to number them with or without detail, etc.


now, i have another subassembly (we'll call BARS), where when i create the BOM, it does not list the subassembly parts. no matter what settings i choose, whether "top level", "indented", or "parts only", the subassembly parts are not listed. in fact, switching to anything other than "top level" REMOVES the subassemblies from the BOM.


the "keep missing item" checkbox will return those missing subassemblies, but i cannot find a way to show the components within the subassembly, with indented numbering similar to CONTACTOR.


this is confounding me because of the inconsistent behavior. why does one work as intended while the other one does not work? what differences should i be looking for in the model files which may be causing this?


RE: SW help, i could not find anything in the help files about the "keep missing item" function. i think i know what it does based off what happens when i click it, but i don't know why it does what it does because there is no info in the help file. the "bill of materials propertymanager" page skips right over it.


the help file did suggest expanding the BOM table to see the part/assem/fastener icons, and it suggested "dissolving" a subassembly in the BOM. when the BOM is set to "indented" and "keep missing item", right clicking>"dissolve" does nothing. when the BOM is set to "top level" without "keep missing item", the "dissolve" command isn't even listed in the right-click menu.


i just want this BOM to show ALL parts in the assembly, including parts of the subassemblies. it works fine for CONTACTOR, it's not working for BARS.