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Mark up drawings for employee to correct in Solidworks

Question asked by Jeffrey Anderson on Aug 22, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2018 by Anant Relekar

I am looking for software/add-in to solidworks that will allow an drawing checker/reviewer to add notes directly on a drawing that won't change the drawing, but will show the drafter what changes to make on the drawing.

Currently, in our EPDM system.  I will create the drawings and send them into a drawing check state. Then my manager will print out the drawing and mark it all up with redlines and give it back to me where I make all the suggested changes and then resubmit it.  This seems to be an incredibly manual process.  Does anyone know of an add in that would allow him to redline the drawing? Maybe it could work like an overlay that I can turn on and off as I fix things?  Is this a pipe dream? 

Another tool that would be helpful is the ability to track drawings that are rejected and keep statistics per user of EPDM on their drawings.  This would be a valuable management tool.