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Re-import From/To List Under Route Harness Does not Work

Question asked by Tyler Lanham on Aug 21, 2014

Hello, I'm suing Solidworks 2013 paired with Solidworks Electrical 2013 to do some harness work, and I have come across an unfortunate problem.

Using the Route Harness Command >> Re-import From/To List does not have any affect on my harness.  I have already routed the entire harness, and the routes all look very nice.  If I edit the 2D schematic in Solidworks Electrical 2D, apply these changes to the harness and then go back to Solidworks 3D, and use the Route Harness >> Re-import From/To List, the harness remains unchanged.  Deleted wires show up as gray, and they can be removed, changed paths and added wires do no show up as new routing guidelines in auto-route as I would have expected them to. 

Any help on this matter would be wonderful, thank you.