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    Change part background color if checked out?

    Terry Raymond

      While working in solidworks with large assemblies, its not as obvious as I would like when you are working on a part that is checked in or out.


      If the part is checked out, what if we could make the background color of the screen change?


      Anyone else share this opinion that it isn't obvious enough?  Or have other methods/ideas to make it more obvious when a part is checked out locally/by someone else?

      Not with messagebox popups, those are incredibly annoying and are turned off!

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          Einar Gulbrandsen


          We use the color setting in PDM for this, and we can easy see witch files to worry about.


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              Terry Raymond

              Thanks Einar, yes we do have that highlighted list when looking at the whole assembly.  But when working on an individual part, to me it is not obvious if it is checked out or not.  The item is selected and highlighted in the tree (blue), which overrides the checked out color.  Hints are [read only] and the tiny blue arrow icon.not obvious.png

              Not to mention the tiny blue arrow icon often bugs and does not display correctly unless you click on the row in the EPDM addin-pane.

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                Brian McEwen

                Good point on making it more obvious Terry.  It is nice that you can work on something without having it checked-out, and then realize and check-out without losing your changes. This is not true when you have to change state, and then this can be painful.


                Einar I like your edits to the colors, except that....

                *The  "Referencing File Version that is Not the Latest" doesn't seem that important in this context since it will be fixed if you save and check-in the assembly. We turned off the rebuild warning too because it is just too ubiquitous.

                * "file is edited but not saved" seems mostly worthless since it will light up even for things that are checked-in and not intended to be changed.