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    Conveying Modifications on pre-existing weldments

    Sheldon Lukenbill

      Hello all,

        thank you in advance for any advice you may be able to provide

      software information:

           Solidworks 2011

           PDM tool does not allow external references



           What I want.

      • To create a drawing which shows the existing frame with and without the new features added to it.
      • A Weldment cutlist which contains only those features that are being added to the frame
      • No external references


      solutions that have been tried

      1. i created a single weldment part that consisted of 4 configurations (see Below) the problem here is in order for the weldment cutlist to only show the features that are being added to the frame this means that i can not bubble any other view (ie. Default Configuration)
        1. Default Configurations- this is the configuration that shows the frame when all modifications have been completed and is ready to leave the shop
        2. Existing Frame- this shows the frame in the state it is in today in the field and what it looked like when it arrived at the shop "No Modifications"
        3. Features removed - this shows just those features and members which are to be removed by the shop
        4. Features added - this shows just the features that the shop has to fabricate and add to the existing frame
      2. I created an assembly containing the above part (Features added) and inserted an envelope of the same above part (Existing Frame). the issue here of course is there is no ability to insert a weldment cutlist in to an assembly drawing