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Change component reference not working

Question asked by Wasim Ahmed on Aug 21, 2014

In an assembly, I have used this code for changing component reference............

HRESULT SetConFig(IModelDoc2 *p_moddoc, IModelDocExtension *p_modextn, CComBSTR &Name, CComBSTR &type, CComBSTR &Config)


  // Function Sets the Configuration of the component

  //Parameters : ModelDoc, Extension , Name of component, type of component, Configuration to set

  //Discription: Sets the config

  ASSERT(p_moddoc && p_modextn);

  if (!p_moddoc|| !p_modextn)

  return E_FAIL;



  HRESULT hr = p_modextn ->SelectByID2(Name, type, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 ,VARIANT_FALSE, 0, NULL, 0, &Status);

  if(FAILED(hr)) return hr;



  CComPtr<ISelectionMgr> ip_SelMgr;

  hr = p_moddoc->get_ISelectionManager(&ip_SelMgr);

  if (FAILED(hr)||!ip_SelMgr) return E_FAIL;



  long l_Ind=1,l_Mk=-1;

  CComPtr<IDispatch> ip_Sel_obj;

  hr = ip_SelMgr->GetSelectedObject6(l_Ind,l_Mk,&ip_Sel_obj);


  if (FAILED(hr) || !ip_Sel_obj) return E_FAIL;



  CComPtr<IComponent2> Sel_Comp;

  hr = ip_Sel_obj->QueryInterface(&Sel_Comp);

  if (FAILED(hr) || !Sel_Comp) return E_FAIL;



  CComBSTR bst_CompConfig;

  hr = Sel_Comp->get_ReferencedConfiguration(&bst_CompConfig);

  if (FAILED(hr)) return E_FAIL;



  hr = Sel_Comp->put_ReferencedConfiguration(Config);

  if (FAILED(hr)) return E_FAIL;




  hr = p_moddoc->EditRebuild3(&b_Stat);

  if (FAILED(hr)) return E_FAIL;


  return S_OK;



It works for a few components and fails for some, when it fails i have to replace the component and then it works....Plz help