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Cut with Surface and Move/Copy Body

Question asked by Wesley Chan on Aug 20, 2014

I am making a mold. I have inserted a surface part into my main mold part in order to do a 'cut with surface.' I locate the surface into place but when I do the Cut with Surface, it cuts as if I have never moved the surface (have not done the Move/Copy Body). I scroll up above the Cut with Surface and the surface looks like I have never moved it, but when I go in to edit the locate feature (shows up in feature tree as Move/Copy Body within the inserted part), it shows that I have indeed moved the part. Help please!


The cut was originally fine, so I finished the mold, but when I opened it again to do a rebuild and fix some other things, the surface (or rather the cut) and shifted, and I don't want to redo the entire mold!