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move/copy body

Question asked by Wesley Chan on Aug 20, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2014 by Jeff Parker

I have a surface within my part file, and I copy it and move it using the move/copy body. I will then extrude-cut up to this surface. I have done this on several parts, but on a few, I will open up the part (on a new day) and this move/copy body feature will be completely missing from the feature tree. I pull up my scroll bar above and below where it should be, and it is just gone. It does show up in the history if I haven't done too much after it. Sometimes I have to edit this surface but I can't because it does not show up in the tree. At times this will cause an error in my part, but no way of getting rid of it. I have not found this discussion anywhere online yet. Anybody else run into this for Solidworks 2014?