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Configure weldments so part numbers match different materials?

Question asked by Josh Hoppes on Aug 20, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2014 by Josh Hoppes

Hello, I use weldments quite a lot and my issue is that we have part numbers for the different profiles.  Each part is often made out of mild steel and or various stainless grades depending on the customer.  For each part I currently have MS (mild steel), 304 SS, and sometimes 316 SS configurations.  The issue is when in order to populate my custom part number(H&H Part Number) correctly I would have to have a separate weldment profile for each.  This would be acceptable especially with the new configuration driven weldment profiles, however as of right now I don't see that you can configure the weldments.  This either forces me to have a separate part or reproduce the features twice or 3 times with different weldments and then suppress them in each config.  The problem is that if there are mates it messes those up in assemblies.  My work around is to have H&H 304 SS Part Number and H&H MS Part number, however it is cumbersome and does not populate my bom correctly.  Also other grades aren't shown like 303 or 316 or specialty products like 304  centerless ground.  Any thoughts to this?  I have submitted an er. 


Ideally I would be able to configure the single weldment so my different part numbers come in depending on the config of the part.


thanks for any help!