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How do you set a transition action to affect only one configuration's property?

Question asked by Stephen Lapic on Aug 20, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2014 by Andries Koorzen

I was looking into setting a watermark that would be visible on a drawing but also visible on the model's card.  Now if we have multiple configurations of a part and some of the watermarks could be "released, good, active, etc." while others could be "not released, inactive, bad, etc." how would this be controlled during a transition so that it would affect only the configuration being worked on?  I don't see how this would work on a model by itself but I was thinking of the watermark change through the transition would work on the drawing and then go to the model's configuration that was on the drawing.  If that made any sense.


I do see that there is a configuration box in the transition action window but since our configurations do not have one set name that would be affected I don't think this will work.