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Noticable Memory Leakage

Question asked by Philip Lane on Aug 20, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2014 by Ivan Hein

We are suffering from noticable memory leaks when SW is running.

We all know that SW reserves and holds onto more memory than it needs and how bad it is a deallocating memory / unloading libraries when exiting, but are we seeing memory leakage?

When running the same model on 2 different machines, all recommended hardware and drivers etc, 1 a new T3610, the other a 3 yr old T3500, we can have the model loaded, run Task Manager, do nothing else, and watch the SW process gradually consuming more memory....This can continue for hours.

So SW is always playing catchup with regards to memory allocation while you work or even just view and existing model.

When actively working and making the model larger and therefore demanding more memory for the process, you are constantly fighting against an ever increasing memory leakage issue!!

I am going to delve into this more using VMMAP and will report back.

Please respond if you suffer similar (lol, I'm expecting a large number of responses), and save me some time if you have a locked down method of proving memory leakage.

Thank you.