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How to simulate flows in a pin-mill? Is it possible?

Question asked by Philippe Mueller on Aug 20, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2014 by Jared Conway

Dear all,


I am trying to simulate the air flow and particles trajectories in a pin-mill and understand how the pins interactions affect those 2.

Here is what I got for 2 rows of pins:


To me, this doesn't reflect the rotating/fixed pins effects on the flow and on the particles as I would expect some drastic flow lines direction changes especially when moving pins pass close to fixed pins.


So, is it actually possible to simulate such things with SW Flow Simulation? = simulate effects due to interactions between moving and fixed parts (stator) which are NOT axis symmetrical .

The model (attached) is like this:

- a fixed part with a big hole in the middle (stator) and pins equally distributed at the periphery (left part on the picture below)

- a rotating part (rotor) with pins equally distributed and passing at 1 mm beside the fixed ones (right part), rotation is set here at 1'000 rpm CCW

- all declared as real walls

- a rotating region englobing the entire rotor (thus also englobing the fixed pins but declared as stator)

- input and output lids to play with flow parameters



An additional question: When declaring walls (real in my case), when to use moving walls instead of the general rotating region? What is the difference? Should I use this? (I did try though .. without success)


Thanks for your feedbacks, BR