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    Foreshortened Radius Text Location - Can't Adjust

    Daen Hendrickson

      I am using SW2013 X64 SP3.


      I am having trouble moving the text location of some Foreshortened radius dimensions.


      I toggle the leader type to foreshortened and the change occurs in the drawing view. However, the text location remains at the same point as before foreshortened. I can click and drag it to an optimal location but it snaps right back to the original spot when I release the mouse button. I have tried dragging the bent leader handles but this just causes them to snap below the text and they can no longer be moved to anyplace shorter than the original dimension mid point.


      The R9.75 dimensions in the attached are the same dimension - one standard and one foreshortened. The R11.25 dimension shows how the dimension is formed when the foreshortened toggle is first clicked - the text is attached with a sort of extension leader. The R9.75 and R10.25 dimensions show the results of trying to click and drag the bent leader handles - they snap to below the text and cannot be positioned and closer to the part.


      Is there a default setting someplace I don't see? Or is this a bug in this version of software?


      Thanks in advance.


      Daenforeshortened leader.jpg

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          Daen Hendrickson

          And I found it. Sometimes I think SW has things hidden in the software until you post in the forum and then...


          Apparently there are NO options in the dimension property manager to adjust the text location of a foreshortened dimension. However, if you RMC the dimension in the drawing and select from the popup menu Display Options you can UNCHECK the Center Dimension setting.


          Hope this saves someone else a little time.


          foreshortened menu.jpg