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pointer location offset

Question asked by Matthijs Rijkmans on Aug 19, 2014

Hello people,


Can anyone tell me a solution to my problem.


When sketching in a model in an assembly (including a mesh file) I often have the problem that the location of my pointer has an offset. The problem is that the offset is not always there, but it seems to come at random moments. The amount of offset and direction also varies. In the image below you can see an example of what I mean. The green circle shows where the cursor/pointer actually is (you can also see the coordinates) but Solidworks is thinking it is at the end of the line , almost at the bottom of the screen.


I also added the information on my graphics card and version of the driver, to show that I do use a driver certified by Solidworks. The Solidworks version is 2013, SP5.0


What causes this problem and how can I solve it?


pointer location offset w display data.png