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    non uniform pressure

    Avishai Dov


      I built a program that take a part and apply pressure on some faces.attached with the part (if you are trying to run it so put all the files in "F:\" folder, Or change the letter in the code).

      I need to change the code that I will can apply non-uniform pressure.

      there is a hint how to do it in the help of API but i cant understand how to do this:2012 SolidWorks API Help - ICWPressure Interface Members


      the part of the code i need to change in order to apply non-uniform pressure( know it's apply a regular pressure):


          Set CWPressure = LBCMgr.AddPressure(0, (varArray2), Nothing, errCode)

          If errCode <> 0 Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "No normal pressure created.", True

          Call CWPressure.PressureBeginEdit

          CWPressure.Unit = 0

          CWPressure.value = 0.1

          errCode = CWPressure.PressureEndEdit

          If errCode <> 0 Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Nonuniform pressure distribution not set.", True



      please help me, it's very important.

      thank you.