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Venturi device pressure at the output ?

Question asked by Bry M on Aug 19, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2014 by Jared Conway

Dear all,


I am trying to calculate the output pressure of my device (a venturi device with a nozzle at the input) however I have not been able to get relevant results. Normally, I should have an increase of pressure at the output. The aim is to see the influence of the size of the diffuser on the output pressure.

In my system, I have a known flow of 50gpm at 10 bar at the input of my nozzle.


Here are the settings that I used:

-Fluid: water

-Internal analysis

-Initial conditions: by default

-BC: at the input of the nozzle a total pressure of 10 bar and at the output a flow of 50gpm

-In my goals, I have defined surface goals such as: static pressure at the input and at the output and flow at the input


Can someone help me with this? (I am new to CFD). I also noticed that on the cut plot image, the part (1) of my system is filled with water (see image "cut plot")?


Thanks in advance,


venturi device.PNG
Pressure_cut plot.PNG

Pressure_flow trajectories.PNG