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    Venturi device pressure at the output ?

    Bry M

      Dear all,


      I am trying to calculate the output pressure of my device (a venturi device with a nozzle at the input) however I have not been able to get relevant results. Normally, I should have an increase of pressure at the output. The aim is to see the influence of the size of the diffuser on the output pressure.

      In my system, I have a known flow of 50gpm at 10 bar at the input of my nozzle.


      Here are the settings that I used:

      -Fluid: water

      -Internal analysis

      -Initial conditions: by default

      -BC: at the input of the nozzle a total pressure of 10 bar and at the output a flow of 50gpm

      -In my goals, I have defined surface goals such as: static pressure at the input and at the output and flow at the input


      Can someone help me with this? (I am new to CFD). I also noticed that on the cut plot image, the part (1) of my system is filled with water (see image "cut plot")?


      Thanks in advance,


      venturi device.PNG
      Pressure_cut plot.PNG

      Pressure_flow trajectories.PNG

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          Jared Conway

          so flow is from left to right?

          i'm not sure i understand the goal, the goal is to see the pressure at the exit? what are your inlet and boundary conditions? inlet flow and exit pressure, as such the output will be the pressure at the inlet.

          i don't think i understand your question about something being full of fluid. are you talking about the second or third screenshot?

          and what result are you seeing that is wrong? have you set the min and max of your plot so you can see the pressure better?

          have you gone through the tutorials and validation examples? i seem to remember there being an example that you could use.