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Production drawing log?

Question asked by Gary Garrison on Aug 18, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2014 by Kelvin Lamport

I am now being asked to produce a weekly prioritized drawing log for what I work on.  This log will be sent to various people in our organization.


My situation is that I don't often have large ongoing projects.  Our parts are not complex, and when drawn they may or may not have Order# assigned to them to track with.  I might spend in total 15-60 total minutes on a drawing, but may have 3-5 gaps of differing lengths where other items are worked as things come up.  It can be very fragmented time spent.


Additionally, I will have big blocks of database management time.  When we upgraded to SW2014, we also jumped physical servers.  Due to prior configuration issues we had a problem with parts not being properly stored by our customer id's.  This result at the server transition was a bulk check-in just to get the SW data onto the server.  Now they need to be sorted into their project folders.  This activity will take a LONG time.  I am our only SW user so database maintenance / production drawings / rush samples / bottle washing all fall on me.


What is a good way to track your work with situations like this?  Does anyone here use something like this currently?  If so, what information are you capturing?