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    Production drawing log?

    Gary Garrison

      I am now being asked to produce a weekly prioritized drawing log for what I work on.  This log will be sent to various people in our organization.


      My situation is that I don't often have large ongoing projects.  Our parts are not complex, and when drawn they may or may not have Order# assigned to them to track with.  I might spend in total 15-60 total minutes on a drawing, but may have 3-5 gaps of differing lengths where other items are worked as things come up.  It can be very fragmented time spent.


      Additionally, I will have big blocks of database management time.  When we upgraded to SW2014, we also jumped physical servers.  Due to prior configuration issues we had a problem with parts not being properly stored by our customer id's.  This result at the server transition was a bulk check-in just to get the SW data onto the server.  Now they need to be sorted into their project folders.  This activity will take a LONG time.  I am our only SW user so database maintenance / production drawings / rush samples / bottle washing all fall on me.


      What is a good way to track your work with situations like this?  Does anyone here use something like this currently?  If so, what information are you capturing?

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          Kelvin Lamport

          That sounds very familiar. 


          This topic crops up from time to time and to my knowledge there has been no definitive solution given.

          https://forum.solidworks.com/message/160343#160343 is a typical thread. A more thorough search may reveal others more helpful.


          If it's anything like a regular time sheet for job costing, you shouldn't have to be too granular in your reporting. If some parts aren't assigned an order #, they should at least have a product or customer name which you should be able to use.

          For the reasons you described, don't even try to assign times per individual part or drawing. Unless you have really anal &/or suspicious managers, an overview of time spent daily is usually sufficient ... 3hrs on Job 123, 2hrs for customer XYZ, 2hrs admin tasks, and don't forget the 1/2 hr per day filling in this stupid form.



          Good luck.