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PhotoView 360 export to COLORWAY kit

Discussion created by Ron Bates on Aug 18, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2014 by Ron Bates

As I posted previously here...  COLORWAY is a new product from The Foundry, makers of PhotoView 360.


I've worked with The Foundry to derive a beta kit/plug-in for PhotoView 360 that allows you to render a file to the COLORWAY format from the PhotoView 360.  This kit doesn't make any changes to your SolidWorks installation.  However, it does require the latest version of PhotoView 360 which is actually now part of the SolidWoks 2015 Beta.  The goal of this beta kit is to start gaining some feedback on the process, how it can be fully supported more in the future, and get general feedback on COLORWAY by PhotoView 360 users.


If you are on SolidWorks 2015 Beta, or will soon be using 2015 Pre-Release or FCS, and would like to get involved by trying out this PhotoView 360 kit, and providing some feedback, the please respond directly to this thread, or private-message me if you prefer.