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Translating equation from Excel to SolidWorks

Question asked by Aaron Heathcote on Aug 18, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2014 by Aaron Heathcote

Hello everyone, I am trying to create an assembly which is driven by one mate and that mate determines the size of the components. (See attachment)


So I have 2 posts which are symmetric to the Right plane and then there is a mate called "Distance Between Posts" which is a distance mate and that determines the distance between the posts


Now the idea is, when the distance between the posts increases so does the size of the post size.


I am not the greatest at equations but in Excel I came up with an equation which gives the desired result (See Post Size Formula.xlsx)


Excel Formula:



Now when I try to use this formula in SolidWorks, replacing B2 with "Distance Between Post" I get a Syntax error. I think the error is with the <= part of the equation but I have been playing around with it and no luck.


I did make a simplified equation which was

= if ( "Distance Between Posts" = < 2000 , 80 , 100 )

which did change the post size to 100 but then when I changed the distance mate to 1500 the post size did not reduce back down to 80 even after rebuild.


Came to a point where I am out of ideas on how to resolve this issue so that's why I'm here, is there anyone who could assist me? Hopefully I have given enough detail


Kind Regards