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    DraftSight: Insert Block Error

    David Wilson



      I'm having an issue with DraftSight's insertion of blocks, and whilst I've found a workaround, it is not ideal and I would like to ask if anybody knows why this is happening to me.


      Having created blocks and saved them in a dedicated folder, I try to insert them into a blank document as I'm trying to create a new template for my work. I go to Insert > Block and source my object, but when I click Okay I receive: "Unable to Insert. Drawing contains a Block with the same name as the file."


      This is a blank document with no other blocks installed, and the block has a unique name.


      My workaround is to rename each file which seems to solve the issue, however this is not ideal as the names I've assigned are appropriate and recognisable for my colleagues, therefore I'm inclined not to do this for every block. This workaround also doesn't solve the primary issue of why this is happening.


      I've had a gander around this forum and others, plus Google, but I've not found a solution, can anybody here help?


      I've noticed parallels between DraftSight and AutoCAD, so perhaps an AutoCAD solution would work here too.