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    Using PDM for other documents

    Mike Philipps

      We are going to be setting up a PDM system, and I know that I can store and control other documents in the system as well. We would need to store G-Code, Excel, and word documents as of course SolidWorks parts, drawings,....


      I was hoping to hear from other people if they had success using this feature, and how well it worked integrating into a work system as a document vault. I do not know if I am expecting too much from the system

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          Tim Webb

          Hi Mike.


          I don't think you are asking too much. I have used and implemented this solution in EPDM for controlling and managing office documents and CNC g-code:


          Automate engineering change (ECO):

          • Automatically create the office document creation using EPDM templates
          • Auto-populate the office document from the data card upon opening
          • Attach referenced drawings the ECO is applied against as a reference so it appears in the contains tab
          • Status ECO's as they travel through their workflow either through saved searches or dashboards

          Automate the transition of g-code data to the machine shop and machine shop vendors:

          • Engineering creates g-code and zips up all the necessary reference data for machining and put the file into the same folder as the source CAD data
          • Transition data zip file into a vendor access state and enable visibility for the vendor on this state
          • Share the data zip file from this folder into a "Vendors" folder inside EPDM where the vendors can access only that folder in EPDM using the web portal


          This works great.


          Hope this helps,

          Tim Webb CEPA


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            Stephen Lapic

            We use it all the time for various office programs as well as visio, pdf, AutoCAD, etc.  One thing to keep in mind is how you utilize your variables using different blocks and file extensions as appropriate - assuming you are planning to use EPDM to interact with these documents and not just store them.

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              Mike Philipps

              This is good to hear from actual users, as I am always leery of using a new system.


              Thanks again!