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Export XYZ table from 3D sketch points?

Question asked by Tom Schrei on Aug 15, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by Brian Brazeau

We work with tube bending software, and to assist with production we use XYZ coordinates in a CNC tube bender. Is there a way you can populate a XYZ automatically from a 3D sketch and even better if the xyz table will rebuild and update if the part changes? Seems Solidworks should have a derived table like this but I dont see anything. I always put a coordinate system reference point, then save as a step file, bring the body back in and make a 3D sketch and manually make a XYZ table. Its a annoying process.


2014-08-15 07_55_40-SolidWorks Office 2014 x64 Edition - [MANTIS_130 - Sheet1 _].png