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    Drawing Note X/Y Coordinates Acting Strange

    Michael Wade

      I'm updating older drawing files and bringing them up to our new company standard.  One very puzzling thing I'm noticing is the parameters for drawing notes.  As you can see in the attached picture, my mouse was hovering over the top-left corner of the drawing note (orange dot).  Along the bottom bar of the screen the coordinates state X=3/4" Y=16-5/16", which is correct.  However, if you take a look in the "Parameters" field in the Property Manager for the selected note it states: X=11-7/8" Y=260-15/16".  This is a C-Size sheet (22 X 17).  What's going on and does anybody know how to fix it?  Is there a scale option somewhere that I'm not seeing?  This doesn't happen when creating a new drawing from scratch using our new templates.


      There's a similar bug for note/text locations when you're inside "Edit Sheet Format" where the X, Y values are double their intended values (this has been a bug for years and years).  But this would send the text location off into the stratosphere at 260+ inches in the Y.


      Any insight would be appreciated.  Thanks!