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Question for those who work as a draftsman/mechanical engineer, preferably from UK

Question asked by Daniel Jack on Aug 14, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2014 by Daniel Jack

Hi all and thank you for your interest, this is my first time here.


I got into this "SW world" one month ago when decided to learn the software doing everyday tutorials. I like it very much and I would like to find a job in near future on this, not until I know the program good enough. I have two questions for now :


1. Can you tell how is 1 day / or 1 week of a draftsman ? How does the work goes, you receive a drawing of a component, and you have to sketch it and make a part in 3D and all the details, or you have to come up with your own design when creating a desired product without having dimensions/specifications ?


2. Do I have any chances of getting, starting a new job as a draftsman in Solidworks only with my own experience without any specific diploma/qualification ? (Currently I have an IT engineering diploma, and worked 3 times as a CNC machine operator - still working, 5 years experience as a cinema projectionist, and for 2 years I was doing part-time sketches and drawings projects for fire detection and video surveillance systems in schools) but I think they don't count so much.


Any suggestions would be grateful.


Thank you in advance,