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Importing IGS and converting to solid

Question asked by Dakota Baird on Aug 14, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2014 by Dakota Baird

I am receiving an IGES/IGS file from a customer using Tekla. They export as an xml in their Tekla software and convert it to an IGES/IGS file. When I import this assembly into Solidworks I am using the options in import dialog box for IGES/IGS to try and create solids. We have also tried doing .dxf as well and even importing their native .ifc files. Attached is also a summary of our issues we are running into. Basically if we import the IGES/IGS file we get the cut information on the tubes but they are surfaces and not round tubes. If we import the .ifc Tekla file we get the round tubes and assembly but not the cut information for the tubes. Has anyone come across this issue/know of a solution. Of course modeling these based on the geometry will work but because of the size of the assembly(entire hand rail structure with multiple floors) it would take days to reverse engineer these parts. Any advice or help is much appreciated. For those wondering our company has an add on for Solidworks that generates cut information for the parts that is read by the 3D cutting machine so we need both the geometry of the tube as a single part and the cut information to process them.


Thank you