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Drawing to DXF @ 1:1 in 2000-2002 format in a selectable location

Question asked by Gary Moore on Aug 14, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2014 by Gary Moore

We output drawings to dxf for sending out sheet component drawings for lazer cutting and we'd like to automate the conversion procedure. I've looked on here and tried a couple of the macros and while there are various available and I can get a DXF output from them I can't find one that does this specifically and my VBi is weak if not to say non-existent.


Our wishlist is:-

  • DXF @ 1:1   - This I've set as the default in the templates but is that enough and is it document or machine specific? IE do I have to set this on every machine or will the template do that for me once people start using it?
  • In 2000-2002 format  -  Our suppliers' equipment may well date from this time and they may not be able to handle later versions so best default to a safe version to save hassle. Also set in template and same question applies.
  • Filename needs to be drawing_filename-RevX.dxf where X is the relevant drawing revision
  • The Save As box needs to pop up at the end with a high level directory pre-selected so we can pick from several project specific folders or even create a new one if none exists.


The one I've tried which generates a DXF quite nicely is SAT-STEP-DXF-DWG_V4.swp by Deepak Gupta  and it works a charm but it's not adding the Rev or allowing me to select the file location.  Does anyone know how to modify it so it will?  Actually the Rev thing may be because it's not a live drawing just a dummy - would it have added one if it had a revision?


Software spec is SW2014.Sp4


Many thanks in advance.