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    why draftsight activation mail is not coming..?

    Mahesh Bedage

      Even after sending my details with mail id am not getting confirmation mail

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          Nick Birkett-Smith

          Hi Mahesh,


          Please check these troubleshooting resources in the DraftSight Community.


          - Free Version. Windows Activation. What To Expect. (https://swym.3ds.com/#post:26516)

          - Activation and licensing models incl. troubleshooting tips (https://swym.3ds.com/#post:2775)

          - DraftSight Standalone License Activation - a Walkthrough with Troubleshooting Tips (https://swym.3ds.com/#post:15336)


          If you still have problems, please submit an iQuestion in the DraftSight Community. There is a registration link here.

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            Randy Neumann

            I fought with this problem for days. I'm trying to remember how I finally fixed it, I'm pretty sure I had to delete a key in the registery.

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              Keyur Acharya

              I am also facing the issue. not getting the registration mail. whenever need, I need to give again & again email id for registration.

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                Fred McClintic

                I've had this problem for the last week or so, ignored it until today, then did a lot of Google searching, tried several things, and finally got the email and got it re-registered.  Here's what I found:


                What didn't work:

                • I've re-entered the registration information when starting DraftSight multiple times.  Never got an email.
                • Today I entered a different email account than I normally use.  Never got an email.
                • Per some of the other links, I located and renamed the SWActivation registry key to something different and re-ran the registration process.  This time within about two minutes I got basically a 'welcome' email from DraftSight, but never got a registration email.


                What did work:

                • I kept reading the problem posts and noticed that most of them talked about problems going through proxy servers.  I'm using DraftSight in a home office environment, so I don't have a proxy server and the laptop it's loaded is configured for "No Proxy".
                • However - I know that whenever I do Internet searches, the browser usually tailors the choices to a different city and state than where I'm actually at - so I know that my ISP is using a proxy server at their exit point.
                • I do service work at customer sites so I also have a cellular broadband card in the laptop, and I know that when I'm using that connection, those same searches tailor their results to my actual location - so I know that the cellular provider assigns a public IP address rather than routing through a proxy server.
                • So, as a test, I disconnected from the home network, fired up the broadband, and went through the re-activation procedure again.  The first thing thing I noticed was that after clicking Activate, I received a pop-up telling me that the email had been sent.  I never saw that before.  Then I saw the email in my Inbox.  I clicked on that, was routed to the Activation Successful webpage, and the next time I opened DraftSight, the activation window was nowhere to be seen.



                • The DraftSight activation software doesn't seem to like proxy servers.
                • Just because you aren't running a proxy server in your network doesn't mean that your ISP isn't, and if they are, you're hosed.
                • If you can't get it to activate on one Internet connection, try another one (if you have a second one available).  You can move it back to the original connection afterwards, but will likely have to repeat the process whenever the activation period expires.
                • If you click the Activate button and don't immediately see a pop-up saying that the email was sent, it's almost certain that the email was NOT sent, and that the problem has nothing to do with your email provider, spam filter, etc.
                • At least in my case, the problem had nothing to do with firewalls or anti-virus software.  I made no changes to either of those.  All I did was change Internet connections.


                My 2c.  Your mileage may vary.  Hope it helps someone!

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                  Greg Hyman

                  I've posted this reply to another thread; my apologies if this is a duplicate.


                  I just returned after spending 2 weeks out of country at a customer site.

                  Draftsight would not work for me at all; neither my windows nor my Linux versions - They both would go no further than the "Your trial period is over, you must activate..." window.

                  Fortunately, I was able to get *some* work done using LibreCad, but their tooling supplier had sent every single file in DWG format, with no answer to repeated requests for DXF.

                  I ultimately had to wait until the end of each day to return to the hotel, and do any DWG work in SolidWorks (which requires a VPN to my company to access the license server.)  This still forced me to use the SW interface, which is not very user-friendly for files in DWG format, but it did at least allow me to export to DXF and use LibreCad.

                  It would have been nice of them to have told their users - especially the ones (like me) who asked if purchasing the paid version would correct the issue.  But after the past 2 weeks, I have stopped entertaining that idea at all; I am convinced that any technical issues that need resolved with *any* version will be fielded by the same lack of interest / lack of customer support (or possibly, lack of ability.)

                  It is unfortunate that there is such poor support / service for a good product.

                  Is this the type of support DSS provides for all of their products, or simply the ones that are "included" with their other products?



                  I spoke with our SolidWorks VAR, they arrived at the same conclusion as Dassault:  "Oh, that's the version that came with SolidWorks.  We don't offer any support for the free version."

                  To me, that is the final answer - I have heard from DraftSight's sales department ("Will the paid version work for us?" "Sorry we don't answer questions from 'free' users."), DraftSight's Project Manager (Mark Lyons: "We do not offer support for the free version" ), and now our VAR ("You can try Safe Mode and Regedit" "OK, what about the Linux version that is having the same issue?" "Well, we really aren't supposed to offer support for the free version.")   Nobody at any level at DraftSight will address an issue with their activation process, nor will they entertain an offer to purchase the software in order to receive support.

                  The problem is not with the free version of DraftSight, the problem is with their activation process.  And since they have no desire to listen to one word from potential paid customers in order to find an issue with their activation system (which should be a relatively simple issue to find in an email subsystem, if they ever decided to actually look at it), I cannot fathom what their response would be if there ever was an actual issue with the software itself that would require them to show an interest in investigating a problem with the software (which would actually require them to find a functionality issue with their code.)

                  I've taken the only logical step.

                  I've uninstalled it.

                  It works better when I am not tempted to use it; the resultant frustration from dealing with a company that clearly does not care about their customers (or to gather data to correct an issue that has nothing whatsoever to do with the functionality of the actual product), simply makes me question the benefit of even trying to get it to work or consider buying the full (read: "supported") version.

                  LibreCad works just fine, and as an open-sourced piece of software (that installs and works first time on Linux as well as Windows) any issues are dealt with swiftly by the people who actually maintain the code.  What a concept!


                  Sorry if this sounds like a rant - But when a company pays for a good number of SW seats, and is given DraftSight as a tool to work with DWG files, then I guess I just expect that tool to work.  Being stranded with a non-working piece of software after spending literally months trying to get what appears to be a simple problem resolved is frustrating on a level that I refuse to continue.

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                      Randy Neumann



                      I understand your frustration, I was there and deleted it a few times but finally fixed it by using regedit and deleting the SWActivation key under HKEY_USERS as the link I posted above suggests. Please try it before you give up...

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                          Greg Hyman

                          registry hacks will not correct the issue in my Linux environment, nor does it address the actual problem with their system on the Windows side.  I would post links to the dozens (if not more) threads on multiple websites about this very problem, but at this point I am not willing to devote any further time to DraftSight.

                          '...before you give up...'  I have spent months trying to get the issue resolved.  All I have managed to do is show that key people in their company as well as their distribution network and support services simply refuse to lift a finger to examine what is arguably one of the largest issues their software contains:  The problem is with their activation server, not with the installation.

                          Editing the registry is a workaround at best, and it does not instill a sense of competency in the software developers.  Continuing to use a bandaid only masks the real problem that they refuse to correct.

                          If they choose to ignore such a simple problem with their activation / email systems, I have no confidence that they are able to address any serious issues with their software.

                          I'm not giving up, I am simply moving onto a better system that actually listens to and respects their user base.

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                        Adam Niemirowski

                        OK, maybe this will help someone out there.   I had the problem where I would fill out the activation but I never got the very next window where is says something about check you email.   I read above and else where that proxies are an issue and Draftsight cannot figure out where you are.


                        This started for me when I moved over to Windows 10 pro.   SO, I went into Settings, Privacy, Location (I had turned it off) and turned on:


                        Location service

                        General Location


                        Once I did that, I was able to generate the email.   I worked on this problem for an entire day on 2 computers.   It solved it on both computers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                          Lukas Baborak

                          Hello, i have same problem on Windows7 64.

                          I fulfill the form and DraftSight starts.

                          But no email come to my inbox (i tried more than one email adress).

                          Next start of  DraftSight will apear the form once again.


                          -hack with regedit doesnt work.

                          -we are using configuration script for LAN settings


                          THX for help if anyone knows.


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                              William Putney

                              Lukas -


                              Try either turning your "Location service" and "General location" on (Settings > Privacy > Location - see Adam's post above:), or simply put your location as "Cameroon" in DraftSight's activation form.



                              EDIT: I was just playing around with my location settings in WIN10.  The Location setting is locked "off" by my employer's IT department - so for me and possibly others, the solution would be to put "Cameroon" in the Activation form as your country.