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How do I keep part configurations from splitting up in BOMs when it updates?

Question asked by Mark Schwandt on Aug 13, 2014

If I initially put a BOM on a sheet that shows multiple configurations, the parts that use the 'Part Configuration Grouping' appear as one item number with the correct quantities appearing in their respective columns, which is what I want.


If the BOM is put on the sheet showing one configuration, and the second one is added later, the parts don't group correctly.


Also, if I have to correct something else in the assembly, the grouped parts split up, one staying where it started, and the other going to the end. I have to delete the BOM, and insert it all over again in order to get the parts to regroup.


I never had this happen before with earlier versions of SW BOMs. Is this a known glitch?


I'm running SW 2014, SP 3.0.


This is what I want to have.:


This is what I get: