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Any workarounds for SolidWorks viewer not being able to see sub-assy updates in Workgroup PDM?

Question asked by Jim Anders on Aug 14, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2014 by Jeff Holliday

If I make numerous changes at the sub-assembly level the changes will only be "seen" by the SolidWorks viewer unless I update and re-enter the top level assembly into the Vault.


Of course, in normal SolidWorks, if you open a top-level assy all of the sub-assy updates will be loaded and thus viewable - even though the top-level assembly hasn't been explicitly updated in the Vault.


In a workgroup environment, when you have numerous people working on their own specific sub-assembly and making updates, it is simply unmanageable to reload and re-update the top level in order to register these changes to the outside world.  For example, our manufacturing group relies on the SolidWorks viewer to view engineering designs.


Is there a workaround?  Is this problem solved with Enterprise PDM?