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Cut a body with the motion of another body (3d profile sweep)

Question asked by Matt Carney on Aug 13, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2019 by Corey Wardrop

(I think this is the best place for this since it seems to me that the surfacing community usually has some extra tricks up their sleeves):


I would like to cut a body with a surface that is moved along a profile. I could sweep a surface but it would have only a 2d profile, i'd like to take a 3d profile and sweep it to generate a new surface that I can  then use to cut a body.


I'm looking for a way to cut a body with another (surface) body that is tracking along some motion path.  Two examples I can give are the following:


1) I'm making a part that wants to snap to itself. It has a 90degree rotation followed by a 180 rotation (think two open scissors). However, the snapping path is not along the shared axis of the objects but rather it operates in another specified direction.


2)I want a custom gear/cam profile. I have a custom "saw-toothed" rack and I would like to roll a wheel along the length of it and cut away the wheel with the shape of the rack.Something like this: Alternatively I'd like to generate a tooth profile such as a cycloidal gear where the tooth shapes are not rolling but tracking a path in and out of the teeth.