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how do you change the margin size at printing within a sheet

Question asked by Ryan Politowski on Aug 13, 2014
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hello, so i just finished making my various sheet formats, a,b,c d. i went to go print them out as a test run and one thing i noticed is the margins or extra paper added around the dwg border is much larger on the c-size and d-size dwgs. when i open a new dwg. and pick my sheet format everything looks good. all of the edges are where they need to be but when i do a print preview however it seems as tho more paper is added to make the sheet larger than it should. the c and d sizes seem to get like 2 inchs all the way around. i want to be able to make adjustments like moving the titleblock/border in the x or y direction like autocad, or shrink the margins somehow. but i dont see anything that can do that. and even if i could when your not in print preview the sheet looks fine so idk what to do. can anyone help.