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Renaming files in WPDM Vault causes feature tree discepancies

Question asked by Matthew Wypych on Aug 13, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2014 by Matthew Wypych

This strange little performance hiccup occurred with an assembly already checked into the vault.


The Vault Admin renamed a part to bring it in line with our naming conventions. The part was used in an assembly in another project. Once the part was renamed the vault tree showed the new name and the tree beneath the assembly updated as expected.


I then checked out the assembly and got a fresh local copy. When I opened the assembly the old name was still displayed in the feature tree. A quick check of the Find References shows the new file is referenced. When I right click on the old file name in the feature tree and open the file it links directly to the new file name.


The issue is that old file name is displayed in feature tree when all other references are showing the new file name.


Is there anyway of forcing Solidworks to update the feature tree?


I have tried: shutting down solidworks, shutting down my computer, doing hard rebuilds (Ctrl-Q), ensuring Verification on Rebuild is set and manually clearing my local vault version.


Any other suggestions as to what may cause this and/or how to fix it?