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    Input on a macro

    Evan Dlugopolski

      Hello all,


      Looking for some input on an idea I have for a macro.  I want to create a macro that will:


      1. prompt me to select a face
      2. turn the selected face red
      3. prompt for "part number"     eg:  12345678
      4. prompt for "rev"       eg: C
      5. insert the entered PN and rev into property list
      6. save the file as "(part number)-R(rev)" in a selected locationing the        eg: 12345678-RC.sldprt
      7. create new email in outlook with recipient email address(this will always go to the same person)
      8. attach the part previously saved in email
      9. send the email


      I think I could probably get the first half to work on my own but I don't think I could figure out how to do the email part.  Just wondering if anyone has any input, tips, pieces of code that I could use, etc.  I'm looking for a very open discussion here with this post.  I hope to get a lot of sharing of ideas and info to help me and everyone else out with their API/macro issues.  Any API related talk is welcome here.


      Also if there are any ambitions programmers out there that would like to give this a whirl be my guest and let me know if you make any progress.