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Mass Properties are not calculated correctly     when the assembly contains a component that has a mass/moment of inertia property overridden

Question asked by Eyal Siryon on Aug 14, 2014

Hi all.

One of my users just brought to my attention this really worse bug.


In SolidWorks 2013 a new ability was born. the ability to over ride any portion of the mass properties and being able to continue getting calculations of moment of inertia in the assemblies above it.


It seems to be great but.... ( a really big one)

When you do that and go to the upper assembly, this component is being ignored in all of the moment of inertia calculations.

This leads to wrong results in lots of ways.


This bug have a huge impact on our users trust in the software.

Some of them told me that until now they trusted SolidWorks blindly. Now they will start checking every thing.


I have tested it in SW 2014 SP4 and in SW 2013 SP4 and got the same results.


Have anyone seen it also?