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SWE won't let me enter a length for a wire

Question asked by Phil Johnston on Aug 13, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2014 by Phil Johnston

So I have a single, 22AWG hookup wire going from pin 12 on a plug over to pin 12 on another plug. I was able to successfully give the other wires (shielded twisted pair wires) in this harness a length by right clicking on them in the drawing, going to properties (wire 1) and just typing the length in there.


This worked great, as I could see the part number of those wires and their length in my report. The problem is that SWE won't let me assign wire length to the 22AWG hookup wire. I can right click on the wire in the drawing and go to wire properties and enter the length, but the "OK" box is never active/always shaded gray.


What am I doing wrong? I'm so baffled, as this worked for the other wires in the drawing!