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Route Properties Template

Question asked by Peter De Vlieger on Aug 13, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2014 by Peter De Vlieger

I'm not talking about the Route Template, let us be clear about that.

I'm talking about the functionality that can be found at the Routing Lbrary Manager and selecting Routing Properties.


The first time I posted about this was more then 2 years ago.

I posted a new thread just so that the people of the old one didn't get there hopes up by seeing a new post in that thread.

The help file is still as useless as it was in the 2013 and 2012 versions. In fact it's still the same, typos and all, except for some formatting of the page.

Even if we did put in an SR with the help of our VAR about the briefness of the help file it didn't change a thing. The only thing that happened was that the SR got marked as closed. That's all folks. Seriously, a help file for a very specialized part of a very specialized add on for a program for professionals that consists of nothing more then statements in the line of that if when one selects the delete function of the Route PropertiesTemplate it will result in removing the template is just worthy of one responds, namely : "DUH"


Except for closing down the SR about the help file I didn't see any action concerning the issues we have that my colleagues and I have faced since we found out about the existence of it.

Nothing changed of consequence with the help file nor with the amount of help we got.


From the outset we have stated that it must be that we are doing something wrong. All that we ask is that someone tells us what is needed to make it work. What needs to be in the design table and with what kind of format for the route properties template to work. All the rest works. Our library adheres to all the rules, even the ones you changed over the years without telling anyone, according to the Routing Component Wizard. Our VAR has not been able to help nor have they gotten any information from SW that address it.

Why is it that when I look into the Piping and Tubing Database that I can see all our parts but that certain colomns are empty and the one for size has an identical number in each and every part that means nothing ( -21474,83648)? Is it needed for the Route Properties Template? If so then why doesn't the Wizard help with setting it up? Or why isn't there a help file that states the how, what and where about it? Or why doesn't that information get handed to the VAR's if not directly to the users?


Two years and counting.