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    Get license quantity via API

    Anderson Rancan


      Is there any way to get how many SolidWorks licenses our server has and how many are in use, only using SW API ?


      Thank you!

        • Re: Get license quantity via API
          Thilo Hawers

          There is a license manager utility called swlmutil.exe. It is available on your client computers as well, but it has to be called from a command shell.


          Please try the following: Open a cmd shell (cmd.exe) and enter


               C:\<INSTALLDIR>\setup\swlmutil lmstat -f solidworks


          with your SolidWorks installation directory as <INSTALLDIR>. You will find the info you are interested in in line 15 of the output, something like


              Users of solidworks:  (Total of XX licenses issued;  Total of YY licenses in use)