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Technical Illustration Workshop images in Views & Interactive

Question asked by Rhys Gardner on Aug 13, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2014 by Derek Parks

I have recently purchased Solidworks Composer and am now achieving the super clean and high quality images with nice shadows & line-weight control we were initially attracted to for our company. I have achieved this by using the "technical illustration" workshop, which is great and for print documents is ok, i need to export and an eps file, convert to a jpg, then insert into my publishing software. (Would be nice to be able to export multiple images, but i can't see that option, so a bit clunky but workable for now)


We would like to have the interactive capability of composer for html, online & presentation purposes as well as the printable documentation. Can this be achieved with the same visual style that comes out of the 'technical illustration' workshop (see the attached image) Is this easy, not possible, any ideas?


Your help is much appreciated!