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How can I snap to the midpoint of a circle edge rather than a straight line in a drawing?

Question asked by Todd Toso on Aug 13, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2014 by Gerald Davis

When I'm dimensioning a part/assembly in a drawing I've ran into this issue countless times.  What I want to do is dimension from a midpoint of an edge that represents a circle.  I'm aware that I can right-click and choose "select midpoint" of the edge I want HOWEVER this only works if the edge represents a straight line (ex - a 3D box edge, rectangular prism edge etc.).  I'm trying to select the midpoint of a circular edge (appears as a straight line) from that of a cylinder.  When I right click, there is no option to select midpoint.


What I've been having to do is insert a sketch point, which has no problem snapping to the midpoint, then dimension from that sketch point.  I'd like to eliminate that middle step and just dimension directly from the edge midpoint.


I've included two pictures which should hopefully be of some help.  It's the 3" dimension that I'm trying to show on the front view.  For the box drawing, I could have chosen "select midpoint" and dimensioned to the edge of the handle to show 3".  For the cylindrical drawing, there is no option to choose "select midpoint".  Any advice/solutions/tips/help would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you in advance!