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SolidWorks VBA Macro To Export "Bill of Materials" file including "Derived Parts"

Question asked by Darren Smith on Aug 13, 2014

Can anybody help?


I have a sample SolidWorks assembly attached.


This assembly contains three components called "Part2". This component is made from a derived part called "Part1"


Does anybody know how I can export a "Bill of Materials" in the form of a "txt" file (that can be opened with NotePad.exe), via a VBA macro, to also incorporate the "Derived Part"?


I am sure it has to be something incorporating the following.....


swComp.ListExternalFileReferences2 vModelPathName, vComponentPathName, vFeature, vDataType, vStatus, vRefEntity, vFeatComp, nConfigOpt, sConfigName


Please see the attached file for the sample assembly!


Many thanks in advance!!!!