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How to display mass property icon in assemblies?

Question asked by M. B. on Aug 12, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2016 by Neal Ehardt

SW2014-SP4 - I have an assembly called A with 20 configurations A1-A20.  I have a second assembly B with assembly A’s 20 configurations positioned in 2 columns and 10 rows.  This is so I can review design changes in all 20 configurations at the same time.


Assembly A has a mass property feature (white) which displays and changes for each of the 20 configurations.  I want to display the 20 mass property features in assy. B (green?) but the option in View-Center of Mass is greyed out. Hide/Show items is also greyed out.  Reference geometry does not display mass geometry.  In the assy. B  tree, each of the 20 mass property features are shown and not hidden.


- So, how do I get 20 individual mass property features (green) to display in assy. B?  I do not want or need a single mass property for assy. B.

- Will 20 mass property features increase the assy. B file size or slow down performance?

- In a drawing sheet with 20 views of assy. A1-A20, the weight property note attached to each configuration apparently only displays the active assy.  “A” configuration not each individual configuration.  I need the notes to show 20 different weights for each configuration shown on the drawing.  How is this done?