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Detach not working as expected - Flat pattern rescue

Question asked by Tim Moxam on Aug 12, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2014 by Tim Moxam

I have been having an issue with flat patterns of a configuration updating when I don't want them to.

When I change the configuration in the upper level assembly or change the configuration in the part for whatever reason  ALL the drawings of the various configurations update the flat pattern shown to the currently selected configuration.  This is crap. I have a several dozen parts that wont behave as expected.


Since no one can tell me how to get this view to remain constant I started to investigate how I could FREEZE/LOCK the view so that the view essentially becomes a graphic like a jpg with no smarts attached. This way the view wont update when the model is re-configured. I came across "detached drawings" where the drawing is saved with a reference to the model but, the model doesn't (or is not supposed to) load so there should be no change to the drawing until loaded by the operator.  I thought, while it is not perfect and requires an extra step for all sheet metal parts this method should work.


Well, it doesn't. I have saved as a detached drawing which is evident by the broken chain icon in the tree. The views are supposed to be divorced from the model until invoked as needed but, the flat pattern view is STILL updating with changes to the part and assembly configurations.


What am I doing wrong? I realize that I shouldn't have to go through all this to create a sheet metal drawing but, until SW fixes this issue I have to do something to get the view to "stick".

While I can get the drawing correct long enough to produce a PDF I would like the drawing to act as I expect and be correct when I open it without having to make immediate corrections. When I put a configuration in the view for Flat Pattern #5  I don't want it to update to Flat Pattern #11 just because someone had a look at the model.  I know I am asking a lot to have this just work like it is supposed to.

I guess that's why we get the big bucks!