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    Locating "Modify Sketch" Dialog Box

    Ken Whitcher

      I can see the tab for Move, Copy, Rotate, etc.


      But I am trying to find the Modify Sketch tab.

      This tab says Modify Sketch at the top left of the tab.


      I don't actually need to modify anything at the moment.

      I am studying a Solidworks book. It says to bring up this tab, & I don't see where it is.


      This tab is supposed to allow you to -

      • Scale About;
      • Translate; &
      • Rotate.

      Modify Dialog Box.jpg alt.jpg


      Any idea as to where this tab is located, or what the path is, to bring it up?


      If I go to TOOLS > CUSTOMIZE > COMMANDS, then select Sketch, I can see the Modify Sketch button.

      But, I don't know how to open it up.


      Modify 2.JPG