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Electrical routing component properties not showing in Assembly BOM

Question asked by Stephen Brett on Aug 11, 2014

Hi All


So for some time now I have just let this problem go but now it's just annoying me.


Does anyone know how to show a electrical routing components properties in a normal BOM list in an assembly 2D drawing view.


Now what I can gather a electrical routing component or Wire is made of two things, the Assembly and the Part.


The BOM in an assembly view shows the Assembly level of the Electrical component.


I can manually input the cable data for things such as material and inventory numbers but the part number remains as a hyphen ( - ) in the cell on the BOM.


I do not want to create a separate drawing just for the one cable/wire data.


This their a correct way to import the cable/wire info into a normal BOM or do I have to do it all manually and omit the Part number information and enter it manually into that cell?


Below is an example:

The Cable/Wire is Item 20. As you can see at first placement of the BOM no information is entered into the BOM and the Part number is Simply a hyphen.




If anyone can help with this simply annoying problem. I would be a happy man again.


Kindest regards


Stephen Brett