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    Best way to archive old flow sim projects

    Amit Katz

      Hi all,

      I was wondering if anybody has developed a good technique for archiving flow sim projects. I have just started using this program and Ialready have dozens of GB of data generated. What is a good way to archive old projects? What can I delete and still be able to access the simulation results?

      Regarding long term storage, how do I delete the results and save only the project setup and boundary conditions?

      Is there a file compression method that works particularly well with these types of files?

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          Jared Conway

          check the solidworks kb and the help for more information, but really the key file is the fld file.

          any compression will work but you have to weigh the compression/uncompression vs the space savings. i find the compression isnt' worth it.

          we put things on our ePDM server and usually put them in cold storage which goes onto a slow external HDD vs our fast main storage

          and stay tuned to our website www.hawkware.com, we're working on a tool right now that will clean up any temporary files. right now you have to do that manually.


          something to note, your setup will always be in the file (assuming you're using a modern version of flow)

          so some customers will just accept that they need to rerun the sim and will only store the solidworks files.