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    "circular sketch pattern"

    Michael Jablonski

      I want to create a sequence of numbers or letters using "circular sketch pattern". But have been very frustrated that the circular pattern dialogue tool does not seem to work for letters or numbers. Any advice?

      I am using Solidworks 2014. Mike

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          Patrick O'Hern

          What exactly are you trying to do with the text?  Sketch patterns are basically a useless feature....even for regular sketch entities.

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              Michael Jablonski


              I am creating text to be extruded in a part file. (Actually, I've had some luck creating a circular sketch pattern for "regular geometry in a part.) But for numbers or letters the tool is almost useless and especially irritating. First, I create the seed or first character using the Text tool then orient the character which is cumbersome at best. Second, using the "circular pattern" tool, set the angle range, number of characters, and pivot point. You would think this would at least provide a set of copied characters in a circular pattern. The tool does not work at all and in my design, I want the text to be in sequence too.


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                Dwight Livingston

                Patrick Ohern wrote:


                Sketch patterns are basically a useless feature....even for regular sketch entities.


                Hate for someone who hasn't worked with sketch patterns to shy from them without trying. I find them solid and reliable. Relations must be added after they are created, which is an odd way to work to my mind, but once fully defined they have never caused me trouble.



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                    Glenn Schroeder

                    Hello Dwight,


                    I'm glad they work well for you, but I have to agree with Patrick.  I much prefer to pattern the feature or body.  For me the separate pattern feature is so much easier to go back and edit later if needed, so that's enough reason for me even without the issue you mentioned about the need to add relations after the fact to sketch patterns.  Although I'll readily admit that it's probably been 5 years since I attempted to work with one, so it's possible I should give them another chance.  I do use the Mirror function in sketches on a regular basis.


                    Anyway, just my two cents worth (and that may be over-pricing it),


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                  Anna Wood

                  Will a Circular Note Pattern get you what you need?


                  2014 SolidWorks Help - Circular Note Pattern


                  Circular Note Pattern.png





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                    Jamil Snead

                    If you right click on the text and pick "Dissolve Sketch Text" then you will be able to circular pattern it. But the text will rotate as it patterns just like any other shape would. I'm not sure if this is what you want.

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                        Michael Jablonski


                        I tried your method and it works if you just need copies of the same text character. The "Dissolve Sketch Text" process converts the text object to basic geometry that is no longer editable text. Unfortunately, it converts the seed text too and all the copies in the pattern. So if you need to go back and edit the original text it is no longer text. 


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                        Connie Harrison



                        start a sketch make an arch and keep it active (blue)

                        open the sketch text and type

                        the curve will be in the blue box at the top

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                            Michael Jablonski

                            Hi Connie,

                            Ah yes this works starting with the arc! And to boot when you set the text in the dialogue with spaces between the letters (as shown) it creates a circular pattern and all the text is editable in case I change my mind. I never do that of course. If you have a large number of characters I guess you'd expand the dialogue box way out. If you hit Return and start a new line with letter E, it locates itself under the A in the pattern sketch. In this case I just wanted 4 characters in sequence spaced at 90deg to each other. Sorry, I can't show you the actual sketch and part. Thanks very much! Mike

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                            John Burrill

                            Michael,In your position I would do one of the following

                            -create a circular sketch pattern of construction lines and then create sketch text using each patterned line as it's baseline to control position and orientation.

                            -or create a construction circle and set that as the baseline for a single sketch text entity.

                            So if you were making a clock face using the first method:

                            you'd draw a horizontal line, positioned above the origin, create a circular pattern about the origin of that line consisting of 12 elements.  Create twelve sketch text entities, each bound to one line.


                            draw a construction circle centered on the origin.  Create a sketch text entity and pick the circle as the baseline, enter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12